Hey, friends!  Thanks for swinging by!  Whether you are a newbie or a frequent flier, Eric and I are delighted that you stopped in!  If you’re family, you know what to do…if not, let me set the stage.  Below you will find Eric’s blogs, ENJOY!  To the right, you will see our shows in the near future, and below that, you’ll see a player of songs.  You can preview the many sounds we have to offer.  We’d love to see you out and about if we’re in your area.  If you don’t see anything local to you, click on the “Upcoming Shows” link above.  Hopefully, we’ll be near you soon!  There’s lots to see on our site, but what matters most is connecting!  Be heard!




aveyblog 4-11-14 What?? What did you say???

Yep, it was one of those nights.  Hurry up and wait…loud and proud…and stay all night.  You know what though, we love it!  I can’t really complain.  If I did, what would it change??  Not a thing…Instead, I realize the beauty of music and relationships.  Those that even come and go.  It’s all good.  Taverna …

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aveyblog 4-10-14 Ba Ba Ba Benny…Benny…

So it was Wednesday.  Another trip to Benny’s on a Wednesday.  Where do all these people come from I must ask?  At any rate, we are not complaining.  Just the opposite!  A special thanks to those we knew who came out to support. Love a weekday gig with a built-in crowd that likes what we …

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