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aveyblog 9-15-14 Music is my church!!!

Was 6 enough??  This was one of those busy, busy weekends and boy was it a blast.  6 shows in 3 days.  Feeling it???  You betcha!!!  Love that feeling though.  Now, I’m going to enjoy 2 days off before we start-up again on Wednesday.  I got to tell ya, this blog is extra special.  You …

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aveyblog 9-12-14 One down, 5 to go…!!!

Let’s see.  Another post Stube blog this morning.  Hmmmm…What a gorgeous morning so far.  Maybe I’m crazy but, doesn’t it make you feel alive when that morning sun hits you with a gentle crisp breeze going cross your legs?  Those smells will get you too.  So many times I’m taken back when I take the …

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