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aveyblog 7.8.17 Life

Good morning world.  It’s been a while eh?  As I woke up in the camper this morning after 46 nights of camping since May, I thought it would be a good time to make time to talk about my time.  It’s a blustery 86 degrees already here in Franklin Country and I’m not sure howRead more

aveyblog 6.15.16 WHAT RAIN???

Well how about that?  The dust has finally settled and the memories of Camp Bluegrass 2016 still remain somewhat current in my daily thoughts.  I wanted to blog as life was happening at the fest but, what’s the fun in that?  I’ve been around my computer less and less as the days the day goRead more

aveyblog 5.23.16 See ya in JUNE!!!

That’s how you wrap up a weekend of shows before a 12 day vacation.  Wow.  I am tired but, awake.  Every night when I hit the bed, I sank with exhaustion but, was completely filled with a head full of music memories.  I know we reached some new ears this weekend and with that beingRead more

aveyblog 5.18.16 ericflatpicker@gmail.com

Good morning from Franklin County, otherwise known as the East Coast Seattle.  I tell ya, it’s a little brisk but, it smells so good out there.  I’m not a big fan of rain and cold but, I know it’s essential.  The only time I really dislike it is when I need to be outside for somethingRead more

aveyblog 5.13.16 You know this space is getting hot…

Hey friends.  I’ve been pretty infrequent here on the blog but, I think life has gotten the best of my time lately too.  I’ve been spinning out of control recently and every once in a while, I get a moment to reflect.  For now, I see some sun and if you wait long enough, you’ll seeRead more

aveyblog 5.5.16 Hello, is there anybody in here…?

GOOD MORNING!!  Is this thing on??  Hello…Hello???  It’s been awhile and I thought I’d clear a few thoughts from my head.  No real reason.  I tried to write a few blogs about a month ago but, nothing was coming out.  Nothing was making sense.  I’m sure this won’t make much sense but, we’re here.  MightRead more

aveyblog 4.11.16 RIDE with the wind…

Now that was a fun weekend!  I got to make music with some of my most favorite people on the planet.  From Hagerstown to Greencastle, then ending it last night in historic Gettysburg, WOW!  Living life by the song can be an intense thing.  When your life is devoted to something so special, the emotionsRead more

aveyblog 4.7.16 There’s a song my momma sang…

Well they call it stormy Thursday, but Tuesday’s ain’t that bad.  Here I sit in one of my favorite places, listening to music I’m not familiar with, watching it pour outside, drinking the best cup of coffee imaginable and my keyboard at my finger tips.  It’s been a wild ride here as of late.  Learning aRead more

aveyblog 3.30.16 Making a list and checking it twice…

Good afternoon.  It’s a bright, sunshiny day here in Franklin County PA.  I hate to say that I’m behind in getting a blog out because, that’s not the case.  Perhaps too busy or preoccupied getting things taken care of maybe.  Man, nothing feels better than accomplishing things.  Am I right?  For me, it’s a list.Read more

aveyblog 3.23.16 Family

Wow.  It’s incredible, the amount of events that have transpired over this past week.  I really wish at times, life was a dream.  The house here is somber, chilly and my nerves are a little on edge.  Usually, this blog is to reflect my music and life passions as we stroll through our week toRead more