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aveyblog 11.23.14 Gettysburg…Best…Show…Ever…!!!

As you can see, I’m excited about last night.  Some of you have been reading this blog for a while now and you know when I’m pumped about something.  It’s not too often we hit one like that.  I mean come on, seriously?  It gets better though…For now, I’m recouping from a Reckoning rehearsal that …

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aveyblog 11-21-14 Surround yourself with good people…

Boy, that was a good one.  You know it’s good when something is to end at around 11pm, and runs to about 12:30 am!  Every week it’s different, yet still the same.  Now, we all get a break from open mic next week to learn a few new songs and perhaps, some open mic etiquette. …

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