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aveyblog 10-31-14 That’s how an open mic should always feel….

Last night was a testimony that LIVE music is alive and well in our area.  Ghosts, Pirates, Mobsters, Witches and Goblins all filled our scene last night along with a ton of other folks enjoying a normal Thursday night.  This wasn’t just any Thursday though, this was a super Thursday.  If you go back and …

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aveyblog 10-30-14 Something about Hump Day…

What a way to finish hump day!  The weather has been warm and brought some heat to the streets of Hagerstown last night at Benny’s Pub.  Crazy to think we’re two shows in already for this week.  Last night was fun on many levels.  In fact, I had a fabulous time.  It’s strange and I …

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