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aveyblog 11.26.14 Punches from the left, punches from the right…WE live son!

It never fails.  Something is always trying to get to us all when we’re flying high.  It’s how we take it all in stride.  What a wild day this has been already folks.  Reflecting on the past, the present and the future.  Remembering what I’m thankful for, and trying to forget the things that grab …

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aveyblog 11.23.14 Gettysburg…Best…Show…Ever…!!!

As you can see, I’m excited about last night.  Some of you have been reading this blog for a while now and you know when I’m pumped about something.  It’s not too often we hit one like that.  I mean come on, seriously?  It gets better though…For now, I’m recouping from a Reckoning rehearsal that …

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