aveyblog 5.5.16 Hello, is there anybody in here…?

GOOD MORNING!!  Is this thing on??  Hello…Hello???  It’s been awhile and I thought I’d clear a few thoughts from my head.  No real reason.  I tried to write a few blogs about a month ago but, nothing was coming out.  Nothing was making sense.  I’m sure this won’t make much sense but, we’re here.  Might …

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aveyblog 4.11.16 RIDE with the wind…

Now that was a fun weekend!  I got to make music with some of my most favorite people on the planet.  From Hagerstown to Greencastle, then ending it last night in historic Gettysburg, WOW!  Living life by the song can be an intense thing.  When your life is devoted to something so special, the emotions …

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