Mountain Ride



Mountain Ride is a Pennsylvania bluegrass band fancying both progressive and traditional music. The band is composed of Eric Avey (guitar and vocals), Drew Jones (mandolin and vocals), Scott Matlock (fiddle and vocals), Corey Woodcock (banjo), and Kate Avey (bass and vocals). The Mountain Ride sound is deeply rooted to bluegrass with a twist of jam grass and country. Mountain Ride is currently writing and recording their first album.

CD Release is scheduled for April 23, 2015 at Roy Pitz Stube in Chambersburg, PA.

Here is what local bluegrass legend Joey Longwell had to say about Mountain Ride recently:

“You tired of listening to the same old bluegrass music? I love traditional Bluegrass . But I love a wide variety of music. This past Sunday Donna and I paid a visit to Cactus Flatts in Frederick . A very popular local venue that serves up great food and local entertainment. Mountain Ride was the scheduled entertainment . Not your typical traditional bluegrass band. That’s because there not. But don’t let that steer you away. Give these young folks a listen. You won’t be disappointed . High energy, fast paced. You won’t hear much dead air around these musicians. They play their music like they stole it. Mountain Ride is like a fast train to musical excitement. This is one ride you will be glad you took!”







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