Mountain Ride


Mountain Ride is Eric and Kate’s traditional bluegrass outlet.  The constant is Eric on guitar, Kate on bass, and to spice things up, a rotation of talented banjo and mandolin pickers on the ends.  To see Mountain Ride live is to see history in the making.  Each lineup has its own personal flair that will get you tappin’ and clappin’ for certain.  Mountain Ride has been playing locally for the past year, delivering fast-picking,  hard-driving tunes along with a few heart-melting old-time classic bluegrass ballads.  Mountain Ride’s harmonies are always a crowd-pleaser, and depending on the lineup, they just might blow your minds with a glorious three-part!  In August  of 2013, Mountain Ride hit the road for a North East Tour.  The tour featured Trevor Wire from Tuckahoe Ridge on the banjo, and Drew Jones of Jerry Rigged on the mandolin.  Mountain Ride camped and picked their way across Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.  After an amazing first tour experience, Mountain Ride will surely be booking another very soon!  If you would like to host or assist in anyway, send Eric a message!

Check out the tour schedule on the Upcoming Shows page, and be sure to catch a show and say hello!

Below is a list of Mountain Ride pickers who have wowed crowds with Eric and Kate, and the list continues to grow.  Eric and Kate intend on recording an album, “Mountain Ride and Friends” later this year.  Interested in picking with Eric and Kate?  Want to hire Mountain Ride?  Use the “Contact Us” section of this page for inquiries.


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Here is a live audio track from the Garry Owen Irish Pub in Gettysburg, PA: “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”, featuring: Ernie Bradley and Brian Brewer!!!

Live at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC , Mountain Ride performing “Sitting on Top of the World”, featuring:  Robbie Benzig and Alby Lopez.




A view of the 2013 North Eastern Mountain Ride Tour



Eric Avey – Guitar and Vocals   Kate Avey – Bass and Vocals


Friends of Mountain Ride (The Mountain Riders)

Ernie Bradley – Banjo and Vocals

Herb Manilla – Mandolin and Vocals

Anthony Hannigan – Mandolin

Justinian Mullins – Guitar and Vocals

Ron Webb – Mandolin

Danny Emig – Fiddle

Brian Brewer – Mandolin and Vocals

Trevor Wire – Banjo and Vocals

Drew Jones – Mandolin and Vocals

Matt Hickman – Banjo

David Welch – Guitar, Dobro and Vocals

Chris Luquette – Mandolin

Pappy Biondo – Banjo

Brad Bell – Fiddle

Robbie Benzig – Banjo

Alby Lopez – Mandolin

Brad Munn – Fiddle and Guitar

Rob Kollman – Banjo

Matthew Hiller – Mandolin

Sunny Dee Hotchkins – Mandolin and Vocals

Steve Leonard – Banjo

TJ Enderline – Mandolin

Melanie Martin – Fiddle

Trent Renshaw – Drums

Shane Shoenadel – Dobro

Here is a review by Linda Adkins from a previous Mountain Ride show at Cactus Flats, Frederick, MD

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