Mountain Ride




Mountain Ride is a Pennsylvania bluegrass band on the edge of progressive and traditional music.  The band’s current line-up emerged in mid 2014, composed of Eric Avey (guitar), Drew Jones (mandolin), Scott Matlock (fiddle), and Kate Avey (bass).  Their sound is deeply rooted to bluegrass with a twist of jam grass and country.  With full-time members in place, Mountain Ride will become an original progressive bluegrass band.

Mountain Ride was originally formed in 2012 with Eric Avey (guitar) and Kate Avey (bass), with a rotation of mandolin and banjo pickers as guests.  (See below for  a list of Mountain Riders.)  From February 2012-May 2014, Mountain Ride played mainly traditional bluegrass music.  In May 2014, Mountain Ride became a full-time 4-member group with the addition of Drew Jones (mandolin) and Scott Matlock (fiddle).  For the remainder of 2014, Steve Leonard or Trevor Wire will fill the banjo position.

Here is what local bluegrass legend Joey Longwell had to say about Mountain Ride recently:

“You tired of listening to the same old bluegrass music? I love traditional Bluegrass . But I love a wide variety of music. This past Sunday Donna and I paid a visit to Cactus Flatts in Frederick . A very popular local venue that serves up great food and local entertainment. Mountain Ride was the scheduled entertainment . Not your typical traditional bluegrass band. That’s because there not. But don’t let that steer you away. Give these young folks a listen. You won’t be disappointed . High energy, fast paced. You won’t hear much dead air around these musicians. They play their music like they stole it. Mountain Ride is like a fast train to musical excitement. This is one ride you will be glad you took!”


Check out the tour schedule on the Upcoming Shows page, and be sure to catch a show and say hello!

Eric Avey- Guitar & Vocals

Drew Jones- Mandolin & Vocals

Scott Matlock- Fiddle & Vocals

Kate Avey- Upright Bass & Vocals

Steve Leonard- Banjo


Trevor Wire- Banjo and Vocals





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Friends of Mountain Ride (The Mountain Riders):  Mountain Ride was originally a band of rotating riders.   This is a salute to all the pickers who have graced the stage as Mountain Ride.

Ernie Bradley – Banjo and Vocals

Herb Manilla – Mandolin and Vocals

Anthony Hannigan – Mandolin

Justinian Mullins – Guitar and Vocals

Ron Webb – Mandolin

Danny Emig – Fiddle

Brian Brewer – Mandolin and Vocals

Trevor Wire – Banjo and Vocals

Drew Jones – Mandolin and Vocals

Matt Hickman – Banjo

David Welch – Guitar, Dobro and Vocals

Chris Luquette – Mandolin

Pappy Biondo – Banjo

Brad Bell – Fiddle

Robbie Benzig – Banjo

Alby Lopez – Mandolin

Brad Munn – Fiddle and Guitar

Rob Kollman – Banjo

Matthew Hiller – Mandolin

Sunny Dee Hotchkins – Mandolin and Vocals

Steve Leonard – Banjo

TJ Enderline – Mandolin

Melanie Martin – Fiddle

Trent Renshaw – Drums

Shane Shoenadel – Dobro

Scott Matlock – Violin

Here is a review by Linda Adkins from a previous Mountain Ride show at Cactus Flats, Frederick, MD

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